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Pop Quiz! True or False:

    a. Lawyers are too expensive.
    b. Lawyers use big words unnecessarily and only other lawyers can understand the agreements they write.
    c. Lawyers are busy and don’t have the time to really get to know their clients.
    d. The best way to get what I want is to hire a bulldog lawyer who will aggressively advocate for whatever I ask.

Chances are you answered ‘True’ to most, if not all, of the statements above.  At Lift Legal we are confident that we can change your mind about each statement you answered ‘True’ to.

If you are looking for legal advice on business or family matters, here are some reasons why we think you should seriously consider Lift Legal:


1. We won’t cost you an arm and a leg.

We are striving to build a new kind of law firm based on a more personal and client focused way of practicing law. At Lift Legal we believe that constantly watching the clock gets in the way of a trusting and collaborative relationship. We strive to keep the lines of communication with our clients open and honest, and as a result, we will often answer brief questions and respond to emails without additional charges.

We offer flexible pricing and payment plans to suit each client’s specific needs and we work hard to build a relationship of mutual respect and understanding with each of our clients. We take advantage of virtual supports, professional networks and online resources so that we can provide up-to-date, top notch legal services in a more appealing and cost effective manner.


2. We draft documents that are useful tools and make sense…to everyone.

We appreciate that as a business owner you may handle every aspect of your business and we want to help you continue to do that. So we draft contracts that you can not only understand, but also explain to your clients. We create documents that can be useful business tools so that you can be as independent as you want to be.

We similarly believe that the agreements we draft for families should be clear and easy to follow so that they can effectively guide families both before and after separation. A separation agreement should establish terms pertaining to child custody, child support, spousal support, property division, debt obligations and other marital separation matters. When these agreements can be understood and interpreted by both spouses, they can serve as an invaluable tool for steering your relationship with your spouse after divorce and into the future.


3. We want to get to know you.

We appreciate that the issues faced by clients requiring assistance with family law can be extremely personal. We want to hear your story and we will strive to make you feel understood and respected. Similarly, we know how important your business is to you and that it is key that the select group of advisors you choose for your business are as passionate about its success as you are. We want to get to know you and your business and be part of the team that will help it grow.


4. We are not the bull in the china shop.

We are not the ‘tv’ lawyer that aggressively pounds away at the other side hoping to eventually squeeze what you want out of them. Despite what pop culture says, it is objective even tempered lawyers that give you the best shot at getting the optimal outcome. Regardless of whether it’s the terms of the sale of your business or the terms of a separation agreement between you and your spouse, a confident lawyer that understands the law, both sides at the table and the key principles of good negotiation is your greatest advocate – and that’s what we strive to be.


5. We want to help you do good things.

We all do our best work when we believe in what we are working to accomplish. As a result, we look for clients whose values align with ours so that we are even more motivated to provide exceptional service and advice. We are passionate about helping businesses in Alberta grow and meet challenges and we believe in helping families move through difficult times in the most proactive and amicable way possible.


6. We believe that amicable resolutions to family law matters are possible and we will do the work to get you there.

We strongly believe that your family law issues should be resolved by ensuring that you control the outcome rather than a stranger such as a judge. As a result, we encourage mediation, collaborative law, and the negotiation of agreements to help guide relationships both before and after separation.


7. We are dedicated to helping businesses be the best they can be.

We know that when you are starting a new company or running one on your own, expenses can be high while the budget is low. Getting legal advice is often last on the priority list. Instead of paying high hourly rates at big firms, many business owners choose to forego legal advice altogether and tackle the minefield of incorporation, contracts and other legal matters on their own. We aim to provide you with accessible and affordable legal services so that your business can get the help that it needs to allow it to grow and flourish. We can advise you on almost all aspects of your business, from start-up to selling your business and everything in between.


Mel Garbe

Mel founded Lift Legal with the goal of delivering cost effective legal services without sacrificing capability by effectively using modern tools to access the types of resources that larger law firms have access to. The result being that Lift Legal provides high level professional services at a greater value.

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