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Business Law

We can advise you on almost all aspects of your business, from start-up to selling your business, and everything in between.

Business Start-Up

We can:

  1. Incorporate a new Canadian or Alberta company;
  2. Incorporate a professional corporation;
  3. Register a federal or extra-provincial company;
  4. Draft Unanimous Shareholder Agreements or Partnership Agreements;
  5. Update an incorporation that you did on your own;
  6. Compile a corporate minute book;
  7. Work closely with your accountant to ensure your business is set up in the most tax efficient manner.

Contract and Documents

We draft or review:

  1. Service, supply and other contracts to use with your clients or customers;
  2. Employment, consulting and independent contractor agreements to use with your employees and other service providers;
  3. Joint venture, non-disclosure, confidentiality and other business agreements;
  4. Office sharing, partnership and other agreements to assist professionals in managing their business needs;
  5. All manner of commercial agreements that may be specific to your area of business.

Maintaining your Company

We handle:

  1. Changes to key aspects of your company such as directors, registered address and shareholders;
  2. Alterations to your company’s share structure;
  3. Issue or transfer of shares;
  4. Changes to partnerships such as the addition or termination of a partner.

Selling or Buying a Business

We assist with all aspects of the purchase or sale of a business including:

  1. Negotiating the key terms of the transaction;
  2. Drafting or reviewing a letter of intent;
  3. Drafting or reviewing purchase and sale agreements;
  4. Conducting due diligence;
  5. Preparing closing documents and facilitating the transfer of funds;
  6. Working with your accountant to ensure the deal is tax efficient;
  7. Advising on post-closing matters.


We assist with all aspects of granting or obtaining financing including:

  1. Reviewing and negotiating loan documents received from financial institutions;
  2. Drafting or reviewing loan and security documents for private financings;
  3. Drafting or reviewing shareholder loan documents;
  4. Advising with respect to providing or obtaining personal property security and guarantees;
  5. Drafting or reviewing security documents.

General Counsel

We can:

  1. Assist wherever your company faces legal hurdles;
  2. Advise on everything from negotiating commercial contracts, raising financing and corporate governance to settling disputes and hiring employees.
  3. Be available to you for advice and direction as your business grows.
  4. Work with your other outside advisors such as accountants or brokers to ensure our legal advice is tailored to align with the valuable insight of these advisors.

Employment Matters

We assist with all non-litigation employment work, including:

  1. Negotiating key terms of employment, consulting, or independent contractor agreements;
  2. Drafting or reviewing employment, consulting, or independent contractor agreements;
  3. Advising employers and employees on terminations.

Advising your Board of Directors

We can:

  1. Create and deliver training for your Board of Directors;
  2. Create a Board of Directors guide tailored to your specific corporation;
  3. Ensure your Board of Directors is following proper procedures;
  4. Advise on director’s conflicts of interest;
  5. Assist with your Board of Directors competency assessments;
  6. Assist with preparing and conducting an annual general meeting of the shareholders.

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Business Lawyer spotlight

Rebecca Garbe

Meet Rebecca! As a trusted legal advisor for all types and sizes of Alberta businesses, Rebecca provides expert guidance on strategic planning, growth, contracts, governance, finance, and more.

Whether you’re starting up or selling, she can assist with the incorporation and formation of all types of business entities.

Take the first step towards securing your business’s future by reaching out:

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