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Family Law

If you are looking for pre-nuptial arrangement or if you need help sorting your property/time with children upon a split from a spouse, we can help.

Marriage Agreements

Marriage Agreement Lawyer

We can create marriage agreements to deal with issues relating to money, property or debt that could arise should your new relationship someday break down.

Separation Agreements

Separation Agreement Lawyer

We can create an agreement that will allow you to move on with your life without worrying about how long your divorce will take. A separation agreement lawyer establishes terms pertaining to child custody, child support, spousal support, property division, debt obligations and other marital separation matters. It can be registered with the court upon divorce and as a result also serves as an invaluable tool for guiding your relationship with your spouse after divorce and into the future.

Collaborative Family Law

We specialize in Collaborative Family Law

Lift Legal Owner, Mel is a certified collaborative family lawyer and he can assist you with achieving a resolution to your family law issue through this process. Collaborative family law is an out-of-court process that enables separating or divorcing spouses to create their own settlement with the support of collaborative family lawyers.

Collaborative family law may be the right choice for you if you and your spouse both want to maintain some control over the outcome of your separation or divorce, preserve your relationship as much as possible, put the interests of your children first, and maintain your privacy.

Family Law Mediation

We can help you find middle ground

Mel is a certified family law mediator and he can help you and your spouse reach an agreement on some or all of your family law issues. The mediator’s role is to listen to both sides and, without bias, help the two of you find middle ground that you both support.

Aboriginal Law

Experienced Aboriginal Law Lawyer in Alberta

Mel has extensive experience with Aboriginal Law in Alberta. As a passionate and devoted lawyer, he understands the complex issues surrounding the legal rights of Indigenous people and the importance of their cultural heritage. He has worked closely with Indigenous communities to help them navigate the legal system and protect their interests.

Mel’s commitment to building strong relationships with his clients and his understanding of the unique legal issues facing Indigenous communities make him a valuable ally in the pursuit of justice and equality for all. Whether you are an Indigenous person seeking legal advice or a business looking to engage with Indigenous communities, Lift Legal has the expertise and experience to help you achieve your goals.

Find a family lawyer in Edmonton or St. Albert

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Family Lawyer spotlight

Mel Garbe

Meet Mel, founder of Lift Legal, a passionate lawyer and legal advisor who helps families and businesses in St. Albert and Edmonton achieve their goals.

Mel’s approach to law is centered around building close relationships with clients and supporting them through pivotal periods in their lives.  Mel is a committed co-parent to his oldest son and he has first-hand experience working through divorce and building a family structure to support his son.

With his legal training, experience as in-house counsel, and varied life experiences, Mel is equipped to provide clients with the level of family law service they deserve.

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