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Shawna Cote

Office Manager

After nearly two decades of owning her own business, Shawna has decided to embark on a new challenge by joining Lift Legal as the office manager.

This is what Shawna has to say about what drew her to Lift Legal:

I love small businesses and was excited to enter the legal field. What drew me to Lift Legal was the focus on Collaborative Family Law and Mediation. I love that Lift Legal’s approach to family law scenarios allows parties involved to work together to set acrimony aside and to achieve a mutually beneficial outcome.

Shawna Cote

More about Shawna

Experience & Expertise

Shawna will likely be your first general point of contact with Lift Legal and will be able to answer all preliminary questions relating to our firm. She has extensive experience in accounts receivable, office management, and client communications.

Professional Background

Shawna owned her own business for close to 20 years. She came to Lift Legal looking to challenge herself in a new field and has a strong background in management, business, and customer service.

Personal Background

After spending almost two decades owning a business in a customer service-related field, Shawna has a passion for local business and networking. She loves to meet new people and make connections. She has been active for years in the Chamber of Commerce in St. Albert and has numerous connections within the city of St. Albert in which she calls home.