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Amy Jakus


Amy Jakus


Amy is an experienced paralegal who is thrilled to have found a firm that aligns with her values.

This is what Amy has to say about what drew her to Lift Legal:

“After working for many years at an international law firm and then in the non-profit sector, I was looking for a smaller firm where I could focus on building lasting relationships with colleagues and clients. Lift Legal aligns with my values of community involvement and meaningful connections. I enjoy working closely with Lift Legal’s small and medium sized business clients and truly getting to know their businesses. The work at Lift Legal is fast-paced, variable, and allows me to use my diverse skillset.”


  • Amy is highly skilled in real estate conveyancing. She has vast experience with residential purchases and sales in the Edmonton area, relocation matters between rural communities and urban centres, and lot sales through Canada Lands Corp.
  • Amy has obtained her Corporate Registry System  (CORES) Level 2 accreditation and plans to complete level three in the next year.
  • Amy takes pride in maintaining impeccable corporate records, and will happily assist your corporation with annual returns, resolutions, and regular minute book upkeep.


  • Amy graduated from the Office Assistant Program at Grant MacEwan in 2006 with a legal major.
  • From 2006 to 2009, Amy worked at Ogilvie Law.
  • In 2009, Amy took her diverse skillset to Dentons where she stayed until 2016.
  • Amy then decided to pursue her passion for fitness full time and worked at the YMCA as a personal trainer and group fitness instructor in 2016, and became the adult fitness and lifestyle supervisor in 2017 before joining Lift Legal in the spring of 2019.


Amy is passionate about leading a healthy lifestyle, and enjoys activities like snowboarding, camping, and hiking. Having played competitive soccer her whole life, Amy is currently the captain of her division one women’s soccer team. Amy is also an avid cyclist: she recently completed the MS Bike Tour from Edmonton to Camrose and the 126km Prospera Granfondo bike race in Penticton. Amy’s passion for wellness motivated her to pursue her NAIT personal fitness trainer diploma through online studies, all while working full time hours at a law firm. She graduated from the program with honours, completing the program in the same graduating year as the in-class students.

When she’s not at Lift Legal, you can find Amy teaching fitness classes at the YMCA, reading crime novels, listening to podcasts, and spending time with her husband and two dogs, Daisy and Doug.