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In 2016 Mel founded Lift Legal with the goal of delivering cost effective legal services without sacrificing capability by effectively using modern tools to access the types of resources that larger law firms have access to. The result being that Lift Legal provides high level professional services at a greater value.
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  • A Message from your Corporate Minute Book: “Stop Ignoring Me!”

    A corporation is legally required to maintain a minute book. But what is a minute book? Well, simply put, it’s a binder containing key corporate documents such as the Certificate of Incorporation, Articles of Incorporation, by-laws, notices, director’s resolutions, shareholder resolutions, share certificates and other records. The minute book, when properly put together, can tell […]

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  • Meet Lift Legal!

    Pop Quiz! True or False: a. Lawyers are too expensive. b. Lawyers use big words unnecessarily and only other lawyers can understand the agreements they write. c. Lawyers are busy and don’t have the time to really get to know their clients. d. The best way to get what I want is to hire a […]

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